Steel Oscillate Slitting

Oscillate winding for more continual production.
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When your coil is precision-slit and oscillate wound, it contains 10 to 15 times more steel than a traditional ribbon wound coil. This eliminates loading and downtime from working with smaller coils.

How It Works

One big “super coil” increases productivity.

We slit coils precisely to your specification and then recoil them in an oscillate pattern—like winding up a spool of thread. Slit coils are welded end-to-end to each other, to save setup time, damage from coil handling, and waste from scrap. This means one coil holds considerably more steel to keep your line running.

Wide Range Of Specs

The width and length you need. Wound up right.

Technical DataUS Metric
Material Thickness.015" - .125".381 - 3.175mm
Material Width.49" – 2.5" 12.446 - 63.5mm
Face Width11", 12", or 14"279.4, 304.8, or 355.6mm
Incoming OD (Max)72"1828.8mm
Outgoing ID (Max)16"406.4mm
Weight (Max)6000 lbs2721.6 kg
Recoilers 13N/A
Gauge MonitoringIsotopeN/A

Full Capabilities

All the steel processes you need, delivered at your custom size.

Collaborate with us to create the exact steel material you need. We’re a one-stop shop, with the expertise, experience, and capacity to perform related processes like cold rolling, pickling, and traditional slitting, to ensure total quality and simplify your supply chain. Learn more about:

  • First operation blanking
  • Coil-fed laser blanking
  • Slitting
  • One pass and temper rolling
  • Cut-to-length sheets
  • Pickling, annealing

Technical Solutions

Forming challenges? Earing?

Getting uneven draws? See how our in-depth analysis led to alloying and hot mill changes to minimize problems.

Helpful Resources

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