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Steel is a custom product, always changing and improving. That’s one reason we place a high priority on innovation and customer support. There’s a lot you can learn from our metallurgical experts.

Get started here with quick answers about how our Materials Support Team can help.

  • What kind of steel should I buy?
    It depends… because steel is a custom product. We can help you determine the grade, gauge, finish, processing, and more to fit the product you are manufacturing, your process, and your customer's requirements. Take a quick look at our Steel Reference Guide. Or contact us for expert help.
  • How much steel do I need?
    If you know exactly what kind of steel you need, try our Coil Calculator. Or contact one of our experts. We'll help you figure it out. And, bonus, we can often suggest ways to cut how much steel you use by analyzing the material, processing, and any manufacturing issues.
  • What gauge thickness do I need?
    We can customize your steel order to your specs. Just contact our experts and we'll work with you to make a recommendation. And, with help from our Materials Support Team, we may be able to help you reduce how much steel you use. To see common gauge specs, check out our Steel Reference Guide.
  • How do I know which steel is best for me?
    Our Materials Support Team has the full range of capabilities to test extensively, and, more important, analyze what's happening with your steel. We use extensive data analytics, up-to-the-minute technology, and our advanced metals evaluation lab to assist and guide customers to better solutions.
  • I'm having problems working with my steel and need to lower my scrap and processing costs…
    We partner with our customers—and potential customers—to solve many different types of issues caused by materials, processes, or other factors. With 250+ years of combined experience, our metallurgists have seen a lot and solved a lot. Contact us for expert help, or visit our Resource Library.
  • When I treat steel with heat, it doesn't always react the way I want…
    It's a common problem. Steel selection plays a role, so it's important to get a sample into our lab and investigate the microstructure, chemistry, and mechanical properties of the specific steel when subjected to heat. Don't sweat it, though. Contact us for expert help, or visit our Resource Library.
  • I'm losing productivity due to cracking, bending, peeling, edging, earing, warping, you name it…
    Issues with formability and fracturing can be solved. It might be the tooling or lubricant you're using. Or the steel you chose might be too hard or too soft for the die. Drawing steel requires a delicate balance. Whatever your issue, we've probably seen it and solved it. Contact us for expert help, or visit our Resource Library.
  • How do I know if my problems are caused by the steel I'm using?
    We can help you shorten the time it takes to fix an issue and eliminate experimenting with different specs and grades. We can also address problems with surfaces and coatings. Before you make a change, we can test your steel and recommend the most effective solution. Contact us for help, or visit our Resource Library.
  • I'm under a lot of pressure to produce. How do you help me get to a solution fast?
    This is why Data Analytics is a core offering at Worthington. Using sophisticated data that streams into an integrated platform gives us realtime snapshots to monitor product quality, defects, supplier performance, inventory, vision system data, and more. So we can collectively make better informed decisions. Fast.
  • Anything interesting happening with steel processing technology?
    We continue to add the latest technology, replacing what were typically manually-led processes, and generating data that used to be strictly brain-fed. For more precise measurements, greater consistency, tighter tolerances, faster test results, and more reliable conclusions. Which means better steel for you.

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