Supply Chain

Speed inventory turns, cut waste, optimize shipping, and streamline sourcing.
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Our lean manufacturing approach is more than a promise. It's what we do.

We help optimize your supply chain by bringing together the right support, processes, solutions, and locations. And we can ensure your consistent supply by leveraging our strong relationships with mills and our extensive processing network.



Lean manufacturing results in shorter lead times.

Because we’re always looking for ways to serve you better, we set up our Velocity Program—and cut lead times to our customers by 200%. How did we do it? A cross-functional Worthington team did a deep dive into our inventory flow and plant scheduling. This allowed us to run leaner, with greater production efficiencies across the board. Our just-in-time focus helps us respond better to changes in our customers’ demand levels, giving them more flexibility when ordering and improved inventory turns.



Blanking can streamline your operations.

Looking to streamline your manufacturing processes and reduce operational costs? Consider ordering blanks instead of full coils. Worthington’s blanking services can save valuable floor space in your facility and significantly cut machine and labor hours. Plus, you'll reduce your freight expenses by not shipping excess steel that will eventually become scrap. Read our paper to learn more about the advantages of blanking.



From here to there, smarter solutions.

In today's trucking climate, capacity constraints, lack of drivers, and increasing regulations affect rates and threaten driver productivity. We take steps to optimize these logistics for you, focusing on saving driver time when products are picked up from or delivered to our facility.


Sourcing & Partnering


Comprehensive options all through one point of contact.

With our extensive network of qualified processors, we can deliver a comprehensive supply chain solution that fits your business. From the steel mill through blanking or laser-cutting, we manage as much of the process as you like—simplifying your life down to one service team and one invoice.

For customers far from a Worthington facility, we can still offer a lead time advantage by tapping our processing network to find an option local to you. We then back it with Worthington's full array of capabilities and expert support.



Our experts work with yours to drive higher ROI.

The day-to-day challenges of running a business often leaves insufficient time and resources to focus on process optimization. Partnering with Worthington extends your team's efforts with support from our operational experts. Whether you need to get more money from your scrap program, tighten up your ordering process, reduce your working capital, or go through a material audit to find cost-reduction opportunities—we are here to help.


Our Impact
Our Impact


Managing scrap to yield more coin.

For a currency manufacturer who saw scrap as their second-highest revenue source, we partnered with them to find best practices and increase revenue by $400,000.



Coating to reduce costs, maintain value.

For a tubing customer, we developed a differential interior coating that cut the overall material cost of the steel—leading to a product that opened up new markets.



Better lead time, more supply options.

For a steel customer, we partnered with them to Kanban the solution to fix a less-than-ideal order process. This and other ideas lowered their lead time by 60%!



Partnering to promote growth.

For this customer, high inventory and cycle times jeopardized growth. By improving transparency and adding safety stock and pull signals for ordering, we cut lead times and dropped working capital by 61%.


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