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Grain Bins

A broader range of specs for optimal durability and ease of manufacturing.


For equipment such as combines and hay balers, we bring you alternative solutions—to build value and cut processing time.


Make irrigation pipe and tubular parts—with support that serves your shifting supply and demand.

Farm Implements

High-performing steel from augers and tillage to cultivators.

Off-Highway Wheel Rims

The foundation of wheels and rims that are durable and resistant to impact and road damage.

John Deere 2021 Awards

Major ag leader gives us their highest rating. Learn why.

Many of our customers in the automotive industry find that unpredictable pricing and inventory in steel markets is a risk they can’t afford. We partner with you on strategic solutions that help protect your profit margins and minimize risk across the entire supply chain. Our white paper details key principles of price risk management and four strategies for approaching the issue.

Success Story

Building a better future with irrigation.

With a solution that keeps the supply chain flowing. And helps protect our planet’s future.


Success Story

Building a better future with irrigation.

Center pivot irrigation is a thriving market, providing precise water delivery and increased yields.


Success Story

Building a better future with irrigation.

We helped a leading, worldwide manufacturer control costs through our more efficient supply chain.


Success Story

Building a better future with irrigation.

As natural resources decline, they’re growing, promoting more yields and less water usage…



Cracking On Bend

We’ve seen it. And we solved it. This technical case study shows how we can team with you to improve your process.


Steel For Agriculture

We work harder. To make steel work better for you

Our steel for agriculture performs better—tailored to your specifications, with multiple processes under one roof to save you time and money.

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This past year, Worthington Industries’ steel processing received a 100% overall customer support rating from our top customers.

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