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Managing Price Risk

Help for volatile and unpredictable pricing.

Fluctuating markets critically impact your costs, margins, and overall business performance. At Worthington, we pioneered the steel futures market, to help match supply with demand, eliminate speculation, and reduce volatility, resulting in a fixed margin and protected inventory value.

We partner with you on strategic solutions that help reduce risk:
  • Help you manage risk to stabilize profitability
  • Trade daily, domestically (HRC) & internationally (LME, with fixed zinc costs for Galvanized & Coated)
  • Offer index, spot, firm pricing or any combination
  • Optimize efficiencies within your supply chain

Remove The Guesswork

Price risk management is the answer, but you may have questions.


Customer Service

Service, the heart of everything we do.

It's not just about making steel. It's about forming—and keeping—relationships. At Worthington, your dedicated customer service team makes it personal. Our multifunction approach gives you attentive project service, superior technical support, quality assurance, and resourceful solutions for your supply chain and logistics. If a problem arises, we're quick to resolve it.

Our advanced ERP system also makes it easy to do business with us. You get clear visibility and tracking of present and past orders, invoices, claims, inventory, and forecasts.

GM & John Deere 2021 Awards

If we can win awards from these guys...

It proves that our people have what it takes to satisfy every customer and make their business better. Recently, Worthington Industries was recognized by GM and John Deere for going above and beyond… again. These are annual awards that go to selected suppliers for noteworthy excellence in products, quality, and innovation. For John Deere, we’re a repeat Partner-Level Supplier, making us a ten-year Hall of Fame member. For GM, we were one of 134 Suppliers of the Year named around the globe.

Success Stories

Managing scrap to yield more coin.


1. The Problem

Like most metal stampers, a currency manufacturer saw scrap as its second highest revenue producer and wanted to optimize how it was handled.

2. The Approach

Our Scrap Management team analyzed the entire process on-site and offered best practice ideas to add value to this important revenue stream.

3. The Delivery

A new program focused on partnering with our customer to increase scrap value, document scrap loads, and increase revenue.

4. The Outcome

Year-over-year revenue up more than $400,000. Shorter lead times. Increased capacity. Download the case study to see how we did it.


Success Stories

Coating makes products competitive.


1. The Problem

Our tubing customer was continually seeking ways to reduce cost of goods sold, stay cost-competitive, and open up new opportunities.

2. The Approach

Worthington Industries’ Material Support and Solutions team partnered with theirs and found a key area to cut material costs.

3. The Delivery

With a differential coating on the inside of the tube, we cut the overall purchase price of their steel, with no impact on product quality.

4. The Outcome

Our customer is now well positioned to expand the lower-cost product into additional tubing markets. Download the case study for details.


Success Stories

Adding value with cost reduction.


1. The Problem

A Worthington Industries steel customer needed help with different cost-savings efforts—including a fix for a less-than-ideal order process.

2. The Approach

We partnered with our customer on the order process—and came up with solutions that also included a tight gauge control monitoring system.

3. The Delivery

We Kanban’d a better order process. Then paired our customer with our material support and price risk teams to implement further cost controls.

4. The Outcome

We cut costs, protected margins, and lowered customer lead time by 60%! Download our steel partner case study for all the details.


Success Stories

Partnering to reduce working capital.


1. The Problem

Our customer’s working capital and growth goal were jeopardized by inferior customer service, high inventory, and slow cycle times.

2. The Approach

A kaizen event created a true partnership, focused on reducing working capital and optimizing the supply chain to reach the growth goal.

3. The Delivery

The team focused on solutions that would have the most impact on working capital, maintain our flow, and reduce their lead time.

4. The Outcome

Working capital dropped by 61%, and better transparency helps us support our customer’s growth. Download the case study for details.


Supply Chain & Logistics

Smarter solutions from here to there.

Our full-service Supply Chain business unit delivers comprehensive solutions for your industry. We offer other advantages as well. For just-in-time and next-day delivery programs, our central location gives us close proximity to mills, and our supply chain solutions include local processing options.

In today's trucking climate, capacity constraints, lack of drivers, and increasing regulations threaten driver productivity and drive rates up. We take steps to optimize these logistics for you, focusing on saving driver time when products are picked up and delivered to our facility.


Dialing in the purchasing conversation.

For a maker of lightweight steel framing, we explored creative solutions to help control costs, including more pricing options and scrap management.



Managing changes through volatile markets.

For a major automaker bringing manufacturing back to the US, they collaborated with us to help align cost mechanisms and reduce their risk of steel price volatility.



Harnessing our energy to add value.

For a solar manufacturer with backlog and lead time issues, our multifunction team capitalized on our supply chain experience to improve delivery and cut inventory.



Building a better future for irrigation.

For a leading manufacturer of irrigation systems, we helped a leading, worldwide manufacturer of irrigation systems control costs and keep a more efficient supply chain flowing.



Dedicated people delivering more value.

For a maker of agricultural storage solutions, our people collaborated on a Kanban system, to reduce capital and on-floor inventory, increase turns, and lower cycle times.



Best on-time delivery with an outage.

For every customer, before a 3-week pickle line outage, our team planned ahead, met every pickle demand in house, and scored a 92.2% Deliver to Request score for the month.


We partner with you

Our steel is supported by solutions that maximize productivity and minimize costs. Innovations in manufacturing and supply chains. Improvements in steel pricing, forecasting, and inventory.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Streamline operations with blanking.

We treat steel as a critical driver of your assembly line—to make it more efficient. Our first operation blanking optimizes floor space, reduces labor costs, and decreases freight expenses by not shipping scrap.

Lean Manufacturing

Manufacture at the speed of business.

Trained in lean principles, our people make the difference in helping you identify opportunities for improvement and driving solutions. See how we help customers solve problems every day with our Steel Velocity program.

Supply Chain

Creating value through sophisticated sourcing solutions.

With our network of qualified processors, we can tailor a supply chain solution for you from any of our 200 processing locations. We work with you to deliver a comprehensive solution that fits your business—helping you create an on-time advantage, optimize pricing, and get the dedicated support you need for technical collaboration and problem resolution.

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This past year, Worthington Industries' steel processing received a 100% overall customer support rating from our top customers.

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